Why You Should Start Preparing For Your Medical Interview Early

Medical interviews are one of the most important elements of the medical and dental admission processes. For example:

  • The Adelaide University medical interview, Curtin University medical interview and University of Western Australia medical interview are all worth 40% of the admissions criteria
  • The Monash University medical interview is worth 33% of the admissions criteria
  • The Newcastle University medical interview is the only criterion used for selection once academic thresholds (ATAR and UCAT) have been reached
  • The Western Sydney University medical interview and UCAT are the only criteria used once a threshold ATAR/GPA has been reached. The Western Sydney medical interview carries greater emphasis than UCAT.

Clearly the medical interview is extremely important, but many students either do not prepare at all or do not prepare effectively. These students almost always regret their lack of preparation after the interview, only realising too late how important and difficult they are.

The first step to preparing for any interview is to start practicing. Often we perceive ourselves very differently to how we actually present, so having multiple people (preferably people who are experienced in the area) give feedback before your interview can lead to significant improvement in results. For this reason, the importance of attending a high quality interview training program, practicing with family, or even with friends, is likely to be of great benefit. Also consider MedPrep’s exclusive Mock Interview package, where you can experience what it is like to sit in a real interview, receive comprehensive feedback on your performance, and view your recordings yourself.

Do your research and tailor your interview training to the specific interview style that your future university uses – some universities have a more traditional approach to interviews while others use only MMIs. Make sure you practice common questions. Spending some time each day thinking about these questions, even without practicing verbal responses, is likely to help you build character and a personality that you can confidently present during the interview. This will not only make your interview stand-out, but also give life and individuality to your responses. Remember that interviewers are looking for people who can give genuine, unique responses backed up with strong arguments, not one word answers! The examiners are there to assess your thinking style, persona and ability to excel in the medical field simply based on the words that come out of your mouth. For a free sample of real interview questions, get in touch with us and we will email them to you.

In MedPrep’s unique Interview Training Seminar, you will talk through the specific details of the interview for the university to which you have applied. You will see examples of both common and difficult interview questions, with suggested ways to structure your response. Interviews are notorious for generating anxiety and making people nervous, so we provide each student with the opportunity to practice and receive personalised feedback. You will receive a booklet filled with tips and exercises for you to practice. For those students looking for a bit more personalised feedback, consider our exclusive Mock Interview sessions, where you will have the opportunity to practice a whole interview, receive comprehensive feedback on all aspects of your presentation, and view a video recording of your performance.

So get on top of your practice now and enrol now!

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