UCAT | UCAT HeadStart Enrolment Procedure


In order to enrol in UCAT and UCAT Headstart face-to face courses at MedPrep, please follow the following steps:

Follow the steps below to book your discovery call:

Step 1: Fill in your contact details in the form below for us to send you more information

Step 2: Book your free Discovery call with one of the course advisers from MedPrep to discuss your options and answer all your questions. Upon form submission, you will be directed to a calendar booking system, and please  secure your free Discovery call.

Step 3: One of our course advisors will contact you via phone to discuss on your options and recommend the suitable course to enrol in.

Step 4: Finalise the enrolment, based on the discussion so that you can join the UCAT course as soon as possible.

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