Pulse Online Platform

Extensive question bank and resources

7000+ Practice Questions
All questions include detailed explanations and feedback to ensure each question is a learning opportunity
10 full practice exams
Complete the exams untimed to learn the basics of the questions, then switch
on the timer feature to prepare for the final exam
Free access to experience the full features
Our Free package includes unlimited access to all features of Pulse – just upgrade when you are ready

Learn through an integration of a variety of resources

Learn anywhere at any time
Use our responsive web application or mobile app for continuous learning on the go
25 study guides
Detailed tips and tricks for all 23 question types, plus overall test-taking
25 video tutorials
Watch experts solve questions and learn their thinking patterns to accelerate your progress
Master all 23 question types
Practice drills from all question types to become familiar with all of the questions you can expect to see in your UCAT exam
Practice with quizzes
Learn the specifics of the exam by practicing thousands of questions conveniently split into the different types of questions
Test yourself with exams
Full exams mimic the UCAT experience and train you for the full exam, incorporating all five sections
Tips & tricks for all sections
Follow along with our study guides and video tutorials to learn the most efficient techniques for all question types
Our Pulse Online Learning Platform replicates the functionality of the official UCAT system while spaced learning algorithms intelligently test you on the topics you have the most to improve in.

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