Interview Workshop


About the Interview Workshop

Prepare to present yourself as the ideal candidate with our interview training course by learning the ideal characteristics, practicing your responses, and getting personalised feedback to help you improve.

Our Interview Training package is targeted at future medical and dental students who have been offered or are anticipating an offer of an interview. This course takes you through a wide range of common questions and model answers. We also spend time discussing the characteristics universities are looking for in their interviews and give you the opportunity to practice and receive feedback from experienced interview coaches.

Workshop Structure

Through this well-structured workshop you will learn the specific details of the interview for the university to which you have applied, and for the course you have selected. You will see examples of both common and challenging interview questions, with suggested approaches to structure your response.

Interviews are notorious for generating anxiety and making people nervous, so we provide each student with the opportunity to practice and receive personalised feedback. You will receive a booklet filled with tips and exercises for you to practice.

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  • Online or face-to-face

  • Valuable personalised expert feedback

    • 4-hour session

        • 30-page interview booklet with 100+ questions and 60+ scenarios

            • Familiarise with the question types

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